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Not for the Attention

The following question came to my mind, that I’d like to address.

“Why are you keeping a blog and facebook page if you don’t want to really take credit or bring attention to yourself for what you are doing?”

As much as I don’t want to be like “look at me, look at me”, I want to reach out to others and inspire others to consider someone else besides themselves. The Lord gave me the talent that I have to knit, and he also put in me a passion to use that talent to help children who have been impacted by adverse situations, and they need someone to help them as well as advocate for their needs.

I love knitting, and I am compelled to use that for a greater good. There is nothing better than making something that will bring warmth to a child who would otherwise be cold. For many of the children who receive these sweaters I’m sure, it must be like Christmas, getting something new that is just for them.

I also want to share the projects I complete, so that it may inspire someone else. I know I have tried looking up sweater ideas, to get new ideas for future sweaters. If I can give someone else ideas, to help inspire them to get involved to help the kids, then my job in part is done. I don’t mind if others create a sweater similar to what I have created, a sweater completed, means one more child will be kept warm, and that is what I care the most about.

For Further Discussion

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