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Projects To Date

Since I began knitting projects for kids in need, I have completed 52 Knit for Kids sweaters and at least 97 hats for children in need. I just completed another sweater last week. Beings as I have knit up 26 hats and 11 sweaters this year alone, I am taking a bit of a break to work on a few more personal projects that I have in the works.

I have a couple baby blankets going, one of which is just sitting for a bit, beings that the friend of mine who I am making it for isn’t due until January, and focusing on the blanket for another good  friend of mine who just got a foster baby a few days ago. Beings that the foster baby is already here, there is a bit more urgency to get the blanket done and to my friend as soon as I can. I also have a wool scarf in the works, that is also just sitting for the time being, for the same reasons as the the baby blanket for the friend who is due in January. Beings that one of the blankets is for a foster child, I don’t feel quite as guilty for taking a break from sweaters and hats.

In keeping this blog, I am hoping to help raise awareness that there are ways to help children who are living in poverty and who have been affected by natural disasters. The sweaters that I knit are sent to the World Vision Distribution Center in Pennsylvania, before being sent out to their final destinations. According to the World Vision website 40% of the knit goods are kept here in the US and the other 60% are shipped around the world.

For Further Discussion

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