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Blanket for a Baby

A little over a week ago, a friend of mine became a foster mommy to a precious 8 week old baby girl. This friend and her husband also have sons, whom they adopted about a year and a half ago. Both of them had become my second family, when I went off to college 7 years ago, and they are still like older siblings to me, to this day. I was (and still am) super happy for them when they got their two boys, and now that they get to have a little girl too, for however long they get to have her (I’m praying for the long haul, but I know that realistically that is not likely with the foster care system), is a blessing.

Beings that they have two boys, and the youngest was two and a half when they got the boys, they have had to get more in the way of clothes and baby items for the baby. Having nine months to prepare for a baby is hectic enough. Beings that this friend is like a sister to me, I decided to make her a baby gift. Whether or not, or even how long they get to keep her was not a factor in what I was going to give her for a baby gift. Every baby should get at least one handmade baby blanket in their life, and this precious little girl just got her’s today!

The day after my friend and her husband got their foster baby, I got to work on her baby blanket. A week later, I had a finished product. I made a run down to the area where I lived and went to church while I was attending college, in order to give this gift to my friend.

Below is a picture of the blanket that I knit up this past week:


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