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Plugging away on my Current Sweater

Hi Everyone! 
The last week and a half has seen a slower pace of knitting than at other points in time. I have been busy with church, and getting ready for camp meeting. The past couple of days I have spent a lot of time working on my sweater, so I can try to get it done soon. If you have read any of my other posts, I like having more than one project in the works, and I like getting projects done. 

Over the years knitting these sweaters has taken on more meaning than just a project to work on. It has really sunk in that I am making something that will benefit children, and that is what motivates me to keep knitting, and to keep getting projects done. The more sweaters I can complete, the more children I can help. There are so many children, here even in my own country that need the help. 40% of the sweaters that World vision receives stay in the U.S., I would love see them bring in so many more sweaters that they are able to expand their work within this country, and help even more children. I can’t help but hope that the Native American/Alaskan Native children are being helped as well. I knit for them. 


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