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New Project System

Ok, since I have had four projects in the works for ages, and I want to get the two personal projects I have in the works complete I have come up with a new system for getting my projects worked own until I am back down to one main project and a purse project again.

My new system is: during the week I will work primarily on what ever project I have in the works for donation purposes, and on the weekends working on my personal projects. Easy enough huh? Its a good plan I know. I will continue doing my Project of the Week on Wednesdays, to talk to you guys about what project for Charity I am working on each week.

What is a Purse Project you may ask, Well a Purse Project is a small project such as a dishcloth that I keep in my purse for when I am out somewhere and have time to kill. Examples of being out somewhere with time to kill: When I was doing roadshows, the time between when I got to the costco and when I needed to go in to start my shift, or being at the doctors office, or dentist waiting room. I got started keeping a project in my purse while I was working at the daycare about 2 years go, because I needed something to do to kill time when I go there early, and on my hour long lunch break, so what better way to kill the time than by knitting.

For Further Discussion

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