Fall is Coming!

Hi Everyone! 

ImageI finally got the size 6 sweater using Red Heart Super Saver in Fall complete. I took it off the needles last night, and started sewing it up. I finished sewing it up this morning. This sweater took me about a month to knit up, due to life being busy this month, and not having as much time to devote to working on this project. This sweater is the 15th sweater I have completed this year. 

I have started one more sweater, and then from there I plan to use the rest of the year for other projects, namely hats for children in India, and personal projects. Sixteen sweaters in one year is plenty. 

That is the update for this week. The next Project of the Week post will be be in September! 


Project of the Week: Infinity Scarf

*The size 6 sweater I have been working on the last few posts is still a WIP, about half way done with the sleeves* but that is not what I am going to be writing about this week. 

This Week, I will be writing about the infinity scarf, which I started yesterday. I decided that I wanted to make an infinity scarf a few days ago. I was able to go to the craft store and buy yarn for this project yesterday, beings that I spent two days babysitting. 

It took me a while to decide on what yarn I wanted to buy for this project. Longer than any other project I have bought yarn for, to date. I finally found some that I liked, and would be good for a scarf, and go well with different jackets and coats when it gets cooler. I wanted this scarf to be cute, yet warm, anything I knit serves two purposes, to look nice, and to keep the part of the body it was knit for, warm. The yarn I chose for this project is Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in True Red. I purchased three skeins of this yarn. 

As for the pattern, I am using the moss stitch, which is alternating knit and purl every stitch. It is easy enough to keep working with. I am using size 9 knitting needles. 

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Mini Yarn Shopping Spree

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend I spent a couple days babysitting (same kids, overnight babysitting almost a full 48 hours).

I was able to purchase some yarn, for personal projects. I still love doing projects that benefit children in need, there are times when I enjoy taking a break and doing something for myself or someone I know. It helps keep me energized to do more projects for the kids.

Beings that I had a little extra money, I bought some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn to make an infinity scarf out of, as well as some baby yarn to make a baby blanket out of, so that I have an extra baby girl’s blanket knit up for down the road, for a friend, or someone I know, or if it sits long enough, myself whenever I have kids, years from now.

I am also currently working on using up the last of the fishermen’s wool in a slouchy hat for myself, which is almost done.

I will be back tomorrow with another Project of the Week post!

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Project of the Week: August 21st, 2013

It’s Wednesday! which means it is time for another Project of the Week Post!

This week, I am still working on the size six sweater, using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Fall, that I wrote about last week.

Now that VBS is over, and I have had the chance to get some rest, I have more time and energy to put into working on my sweater so far this week. I have spent a good share of this week working on the front sleeves. As a spur of the moment decision while working on the front sleeves, I have decided to add a couple rows of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Coffee, so that the front is a little different from the back. I am also hoping to get the front completed today, but we will see about that, and what time I get back from having dinner with some of my extended family, since two of my Dad’s cousin’s are visiting from California.

I have also been reading some other knitting blogs, I knew there was What I Ate Wednesday. When I started this series, I picked Wednesday arbitrarily, but as it turns out that it was a good choice, since it seems that Wednesday is also Work in Progress Wednesday for other crafters, so this series fits right in.

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Project of the Week: August 14th, 2013

It is Wednesday yet again, which means, another project of the week Post!

This week’s project of the week is a size 6 sweater, using all Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Fall. I love this color combination of yarn. It really does make me think of fall, which I am really looking forward to being back. The only thing I don’t like about this specific yarn is that it is a bit rougher and not as soft as some of it can be.

I went with this yarn, because I wanted something not as bright to work on beings that the last several of my sweaters have been brighter, and I was ready for something darker, and easier on the eyes. I picked the Fall skeins because I am so ready for fall to be here, and have the cooler weather that comes with fall.

This sweater that I am working on is the 15th sweater of the year. It is interesting to see how I have been knitting up more sweaters each year, over the last several years.

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Project of the Week: August 7th, 2013

This Week’s Project of the week is a Child Size hat that I have knit up using what I had left of a Caron One Pound Skein in Sunflower, a Caron One Pound Skein in Permission, and what was left of a skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Aruba Sea.

As I write this post, I am in the process of getting the ends sewn in, so that I can sew it up.

The child size hats knit up really quick, and they are perfect for using up balls left over from sweaters and other projects. It has also been nice to have something smaller than a sweater to work on, beings that I have been working on so many sweaters lately.

While finishing up this project I have been listening to the music for this year’s VBS at church, getting my fill of country music. VBS starts on Monday morning, so between now and then I will find another project to get going, or keep working on so that I have something going during a busy week.

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Projects with a Purpose

Hi Everyone!

I want to start this evenings post, by asking for pray for a little girl who is battling cancer. You may have heard about her on the news in the last few weeks, with the medical tape sign in the window of her hospital room stating “Send Pizza”. She is back in the hospital again, and she, as well as her family could really use some prayer right now. Here is the link to the Facebook page her family set up and Here is a link to the blog update. I do not know this little girl personally, but her story has melted my heart, and would love nothing more than to see God heal her, and allow her to live a full, productive life.


I finished up last week’s project of the week sweater, so come Wednesday, It won’t be like “what happened to last weeks project?” kind of a thing. So here it is, Complete, Ready to go  (help) keep a child living in poverty nice and warm, like every child ought to be.

This sweater is a size 8, knit up from a Caron One Pound Skein of yarn in Sunflower, with some Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Shocking Pink in the sleeves.

This sweater is the 14th sweater I have completed so far this year, bringing my total up to 55 since I began. Before the year is out, I would like to knit up at least one more, but I’ll see how it goes. I have a basket full of yarn I would like to use up for hats as well, Lord willing.

I love being able to knit these sweaters, as well as knitting up hats for kids. I love it because, even in some small way, I am able to make a child’s life even a little better. I get that through keeping a blog and Facebook page, I am putting it out there. My driving motive for that, is to highlight a need that is ever present, and one of many ways to help combat that need, that anyone could get involved with. I am not trying to “brag” about what I personally am doing, but rather hopefully inform others of the need, and maybe inspire someone else to get involved in whatever way they are able to.

Lately, the kids here in the States who are living in poverty, have really been weighing on my heart. There are those whose families have been, and still are affected by the recent economic recession that many are still feeling the effects of (myself included). There are also those who are being raised in low income regions that have been high poverty regions for decades if not a century or more, and it is a vicious cycle that many of kids can’t seem to break, and don’t have much of a hope for the future. While times have been difficult, for myself, I have always had what I needed.