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Project of the Week: August 14th, 2013

It is Wednesday yet again, which means, another project of the week Post!

This week’s project of the week is a size 6 sweater, using all Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Fall. I love this color combination of yarn. It really does make me think of fall, which I am really looking forward to being back. The only thing I don’t like about this specific yarn is that it is a bit rougher and not as soft as some of it can be.

I went with this yarn, because I wanted something not as bright to work on beings that the last several of my sweaters have been brighter, and I was ready for something darker, and easier on the eyes. I picked the Fall skeins because I am so ready for fall to be here, and have the cooler weather that comes with fall.

This sweater that I am working on is the 15th sweater of the year. It is interesting to see how I have been knitting up more sweaters each year, over the last several years.

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