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Mini Yarn Shopping Spree

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend I spent a couple days babysitting (same kids, overnight babysitting almost a full 48 hours).

I was able to purchase some yarn, for personal projects. I still love doing projects that benefit children in need, there are times when I enjoy taking a break and doing something for myself or someone I know. It helps keep me energized to do more projects for the kids.

Beings that I had a little extra money, I bought some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn to make an infinity scarf out of, as well as some baby yarn to make a baby blanket out of, so that I have an extra baby girl’s blanket knit up for down the road, for a friend, or someone I know, or if it sits long enough, myself whenever I have kids, years from now.

I am also currently working on using up the last of the fishermen’s wool in a slouchy hat for myself, which is almost done.

I will be back tomorrow with another Project of the Week post!

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