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End of October Knitting Projects

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new Project of the Week, and a new day for the Project of the Week Series. Beings that for the time being anyway, I don’t work on monday’s I will be doing my Project of the Week posts on Monday’s instead of Wednesdays.

This past week I have been working on hats for kids in need, and an infinity scarf for myself. I have not been getting a lot of work done on the projects during the work week because I have been busy, and friday night I went out of town for a baby shower after I got off of work.

For the baby hats I have been using a skein of Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Candy, and for the infinity scarf I am using Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in True Red. For the infinity scarf I am also using the moss stitch to give it some texture, and I am knitting it with size 11 needles.

Hats, Knitting, Knitting for Kids in Need, Knitting Projects, Yarn

Knitting News

Hey Everyone!

I know I have been away for a bit, but I am trying to get back into the blogging groove as I adjust to a new job and was out of town for a week.

Since I started my job, I have been learning how to use a knitting machine, which got me thinking here in the last couple of days, that if I can learn how to use a knitting machine, there is nothing but myself stopping me from learning how to knit socks, which is something I really want to learn how to do now. I am also wanting to make boot liners for rubber boots for myself, and I figured that would be the perfect project to use some Fishermen’s Wool that a friend of mine picked up for me, when she found it greatly discounted, because a particular store was closing out their stock of it. ¬†With the help of Ravelry, pictures, and Youtube tutorials, there are plenty of resources out there to help me learn how to knit socks and boot liners.

Today I have been working on finishing up a child size hat that I have had in the works for the last few days. I have also been been working on an infinity scarf here lately, I worked on it a bit at the baby shower I went to yesterday. Yesterday was the baby shower for a friend of mine who loves purple, so I had knit her a purple baby blanket and purple baby hat and put a package of baby wipes and a pack of two minnie mouse pacifiers with it.


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Canadian Knitting

Hi Everyone!

While I was away for my cousin’s wedding I did get a child size hat worked on, but it is only part way done, beings that I went to Canada for my cousin’s wedding, and to help my aunt where she needed help.

While I was in Canada, I taught my oldest cousin’s fiancee (the youngest of that family is the one who got married.) how to knit, she picked it up quickly.

The wedding in and of itself was pretty, it was outdoors at Ootsa Lake Bible Camp, which was a very pretty setting for the event.

Now that I am home, I am trying to get things back to normal so that I can start a new job, and get back to my normal life after this week long vacation.

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Have Yarn, Will Knit Hats!

Hi Everyone!

This week, I have continued to work on hats for children living in rural India. The hats I was working on over the weekend, I was working on using up the last of the yarn I had used to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine’s foster daughter. What was left of that large 9.8 ounce skein of Bernat Baby Sport Yarn, I had plenty to make the blanket, as well as several hats.

I have also been using what I have left of a skein of Lion Brand pound of love skein of yarn, that I purchased in order to make a Christmas gift for a friend. Since that is done, I am now using what is left of that skein to also make hats.

I have also started in on a skein of Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Candy Print for hats. While I still have plenty of the Lion Brand yarn, I am enjoying having a cute girly yarn to work with to make a lot of child size hats.

This week I have been enjoying being able to work on hats, and having plenty of yarn to choose from to make these hats.

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Projects of the Week

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would get a jump on my project of the week post this week. This week, I am trying to keep busy with knitting hats for children in India. I posted pictures of the hats I knit up over the summer here. Hats are an easy projects that are easy and quick to knit up, which is part of why I love knitting them up.

I have plenty of yarn that I am working on knitting up into hats. I do not know when they will be sent over to be distributed to the children, which means I have some time to work on knitting as many as I can up, so that more heads will be kept warm. It is also fun to be able to work with so many different colors, and be able to look at something different every couple of days. Most of the hats I am knitting are Child and Teen size hats.

Ok, a bit off topic, but I have two skeins of Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool, that I want to use for a personal project, but want to do something besides Hats and Scarves. I would love to have input, so if there is something you would like to see me make with it, head on over to my Facebook Page, and leave me a comment on the post. Thanks All.