Learning to Knit in the Round (Project of the Week)

Hey Everyone!

This week I have been teaching myself how to knit in the round. I figure if I can learn the basics of how to use a knitting machine in about a week, I can learn how to knit in the round.

This past Saturday, I went to the craft store and found some yarn for making socks, and some double pointed needles, and since then I have been learning how to knit in the round while working on my first sock. It is has been interestingly easy, until I got to the gusset, and then I caved and am deciding to wait on doing socks until I am better at knitting in the round. I know I can do it, but given more time, especially given my new job.

Right now I am working on a tube scarf so I can practice knitting in the round, and become more comfortable with the process. I keep trying to learn new things and learn new skills to keep improving on my knitting capabilities.

For Further Discussion

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