Wintery Project of the Week

Hey Everyone!

This week’s project of the week is a triangle shawl that I am making out of Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown. I had been thinking about what I was going to do with this wool, for a couple of months, and then I realized that I had wool hats and wool scarves, but I did not have any wool shawls. Especially with the weather we have been having here for the last couple of weeks, a wool shawl would have been coming in very handy, since it has been below freezing. 

I still have my size two sweater going, I am on the sleeves of the back, and I am also still working on a hat for the wife of one of my mom’s coworker’s who is undergoing chemo. 

While I knit, using a knitting machine for work, I prefer hand knitting, and being able to pick up something and work with my hands, and make something to wear, for myself, or for a good cause. Those who can afford to buy the sweaters from where I work certainly don’t need a knit for kids sweater for their child. My heart is in making the projects for the kids in need, who actually need warm clothes, and being able to create and embellish on the basic pattern that World Vision has put out. 

For Further Discussion

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