Finding what Motivates You (Project of the Week

Hey Everyone! 

This week’s Project of the Week is a size 8 sweater, using red heart super saver yarn in Grey Heather, as well as Natura Ultra-Aire sparkly light pink and a small skein of an unknown brand (that is not a brand I have worked with before, due to texture and the size of the skein) of hot pink. Around Valentine’s day, i was working on finishing up the size 10 I was previously working on, and had come across a red heart yarn giveaway via Facebook. The picture that was included had three skeins of yarn, one grey, one darker pink and one in a lighter pink. I was like “I like that color combination, that would make a cute sweater”, so then I was like “I have the grey, but I am going to have to go to the craft store at some point and pick up two pinks that are the same shade of pink, one is just darker than the other”, then I was was like “why not just go look in the buckets of yarn that are sitting in the next room that have been given to me, and see if there are two pinks that go together that will fill out the two pinks and grey sweater”. Fortunately, I found a lighter pink and a darker pink that go together, to put with my grey, and voila, the colors for the sweater were picked out. 

I am currently working on the body of this sweater, and I am having fun making the stripes different sizes and putting the colors in different orders. I must say that this sweater is shaping up to be a really cute sweater, and one of my favorites. While they are all pretty in their own way, there are some that I like better than others, and that I think turn out cuter than others. This one is going down as one of the favorites I have had in a long while. I also love that I am able to use more of my creative juices with this sweater, which makes it more fun. I love putting colors together that you may not put together, but turn out super cute, and then mixing up how I do it, to keep it interesting. Being creative is a huge part of who I am, and these sweaters are a creative outlet for me. 

Knitting sweaters and hats for kids in need is what I love to do, it was my life for a good two and a half years, and even though I don’t have much time to devote to it as I did while I was unemployed, It is still on my mind a lot, about as much as planning another outdoor adventure. 

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