Project of the Week

Hey Everyone! 

I have been continuing to work on the size 8 sweater I have written the previous two posts about. I have made it into the front sleeves on this sweater, so I am making good progress. Beings that I knit the body of the sweater all at once, using a stitch marker in the middle to show me where the front and the back are, and then knit the sleeves on the front then do the back sleeves it makes it a lot easier. I got tired of getting the front done and then having to knit the whole back of the sweater, this way I only have one side seam on the body to sew up, and without the hassle of having to compare the body pieces to make sure the back body is long enough and will match up length wise with the front. 

I like working on these projects for kids in need, because they are for a good cause, and they are an amazing creative outlet. I enjoy getting to be creative with the patterns and colors I get to use with these sweaters, as well as with the hats that I knit up. Working on projects that help children in need is really important to me.

Beings that I am working, and don’t have as much time as I did when I was not working to devote to knitting sweaters and hats, I feel like some of these posts are repetitive. I keep writing them because maybe they are interesting to someone, but am on the fence about whether to keep writing them, or put the series on hold and just write about each sweater as I complete them. If you read these blogs and enjoy my weekly updates, please leave me a comment below and let me know if you would like to continue seeing them on a weekly basis. 

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