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60th sweater complete!

Hey Everyone!


I finished up my size 8 sweater that I had been working on for about a month and a half. This sweater I made using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Grey Heather as well as some hot pink and light pink that were without labels and had been donated to the cause. I had picked these colors after having seen a picture just before Valentine’s day, with three skeins of yarn in similar colors and I at first was thinking about having to go and buy the pinks (I had the grey) but then decided to go see if there was anything in the buckets of yarn that my mom and I have, to see if I could find colors that were close that would work.

This particular sweater is my 60th sweater, so with that, I am taking a break from sweaters to work through some of the yarn I have sitting in a basket and in my knitting area and make hats. The hats knit up really quickly, they help use up remnants of yarn that would not be enough to make a sweater out of. Hats are fun and easy.

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