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Preparing for Next Winter

Hey Everyone!

I have had a scarf in the works since about christmas when I was given the first skein of yarn by a friend of mine. It took me a little time to figure out what pattern I wanted to use with the yarn. I wanted a simple pattern beings that it is a chunky yarn so any intricate pattern would not show up very well. I decided to do a knit 3, purl 1 pattern. I wound up needing more yarn so I was able to find more of the same at the local craft store. Beings that it is a Lion Brand Yarn, I had a feeling that I would probably find some more easily enough. I was given a skein of the Lion Brand Yarn Natures Choice Organic Cotton in Strawberry. In knitting this scarf I used my bamboo size 9 needles so would be a bit looser beings that it is a thicker yarn, but not so loose you could get a finger through the middle of a stitch. I tend to use my size 9 needles the most for the thicker yarns that I use.

This project was one of those that I could pick up and work on and not have to think about a whole lot.

I like getting projects done,  I always feel accomplished and a sense of relief once it is done. Getting a project done also means that I can move on to another project and spend time getting something else done. I am one of those who will start personal projects and then have several projects going at one time. Right now I am down to one project on the needles, and I am trying to get that project done before I start something else. Having multiple projects in the works has become a bad habit of sorts.

Even though Spring is here, I have still been working on Winter projects because I want to get some more warm winter wear done before next fall and winter comes around. I want an even better assortment of hats, scarves, shawls and such for the next time it gets cold. I handle the cold better than I do the heat, but when I have the option I like having warm options for when I am going to be out in the cold.

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