Favorite Yarns

Hey Everyone! 

I am going to tell you about my favorite yarns, for knitting projects for kids in need and for personal projects. 

For knitting projects for kids in need, I only use 100% acrylic yarn. It is study, it hold its shape, and hold up better though the tough wear that kids put their clothes through. It is also machine washable and dryable, which is important. The fact that these sweaters are sent around the world, to places where they don’t have the modern conveniences that I take for granted for clothing care, the sweaters need to be durable to last through tough washing conditions. My favorite brand of 4 ply worsted acrylic yarn is Red Heart yarn, mainly because they have the best variety of colors, there is no Dye Lot, Cost of another determining factor in part because I can get 3 skeins in different colors that all go together for the same price or less than the cost of the Caron or Lion Brand yarns that I use. Between the Caron one pound skeins and Lion Brand Pound of Love I prefer the Caron yarn because it is thicker yarn, which means warmer sweaters and the plys don’t split on me like the Lion Brand does. 

For personal projects, particularly for winter gear, I love Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. I have bought other yarn for personal projects such as sock yarn because I want to make socks for myself, I also picked up some lace yarn because I want to knit a lacy yarn for myself, I still have a skein of Alpaca/Merino blend yarn that I will likely be using for another hat for myself. I also keep a stock of Peaches & Cream and Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn so that I can keep dishcloths in my purse, so that If I get where I need to go early, or have down time somewhere, I have something to work on while I wait. I don’t like to just sit without something to be working on with my hands. 

I did make a vlog on this, which I will try to get up over the weekend, beings that I have stuff going on today and tomorrow. 

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