Knitting, Personal Project Friday

Personal Project Friday

Hey Everyone!

When I started this blog, My main focus was (and still primarily is) knitting for children in need. While I love working on projects for kids in need, I feel like my blog has gotten a bit stale, bland and repetitive with just hats and sweaters. On Friday’s I am going to be posting about projects that I am working on for myself, or for my friends to help change things up and keep things fresh while still holding to why I started the blog in the first place.

My “personal” projects is where I really get creative and have the most fun/frustrations as I try new patterns, that are more complicated and intricate that I wouldn’t use for hats and sweaters. I really enjoy trying new patterns, and making things for myself that look nice, and that come in useful during the rainy winter months.

This Week I am working on a simple garter stitch triangular shawl using Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen’s Will in Natural Brown. I love working with this yarn, and have more skeins in different colors in a plastic tub or wool I have stashed away for personal projects. I have made triangle shawls in the past out of acrylic yarn, this is my first one out of a natural yarn. When planning this project I just wanted something simple and easy, because the other projects I had made to date using fishermen’s wool were more complex patterned scarves, and I wanted something to work on that would just be simple and warm for winters to come. It has also given me time to think about what I want to do with my other skeins of fishermen’s wool as I still have five full skeins of it. I like fishermen’s wool, I won’t go into a lot about why, as I have talked about it in my Favorite Yarns post from this past Monday.

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