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Pattern Frustration

Do any of you come across a pattern that no matter how many times you have attempted it, something always goes wrong, and in different places along the way?

I have been having that problem with the falling leaves pattern I have been wanting to use with my Paton’s Lace yarn, but in the 4 or so attempts I have had trying the pattern, somewhere along the line, something goes wrong, and it is frustrating me. I know I can complete the project, but I have been debating about trying a different pattern with the yarn, and use the falling leaves wrap with a little bit thicker yarn and see if it would work out then.

At the same time though, I am determined to make the wrap with the lace yarn, just because it is frustrating me. I don’t like giving up on what I start, and I want to see what it will look like when it is finished. I will give it another go in the next few weeks. It may take me a while to complete it, but I will get it done.

For Further Discussion

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