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What’s On the Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to bring you What’s on the Needles Wednesday, which is where I will be talking a little about each of the projects I have in progress each Wednesday.

This week, I have a dishcloth (which is a purse project, aka something to keep in my purse for when I am out, and have to wait somewhere, so I have something to work on), that i have in progress. I am using Peaches & Cream kitchen cotton in Daisy Ombre. I also have a Knit for Kids sweater that I started this past week. I am making a size six, and I am using Bernat Berella yarn in True Periwinkle Blue, Red Heart Classic Yarn in Maize, and Red Heart Sparkling Yarn in Apricot Nectar. I also have a baby blanket cast on a pair of needles. For the baby blanket I am using a Bernat sport baby yarn in I believe Candy Baby. I am also working on Knitting a new project out of Fishermen’s wool that I had used for a hat, as the hat turned out to be way to big on me so I am reknitting it so that it is smaller, and will fit my head better.

The sweater I am working on will be sent to World Vision for them to distribute. As for the recipient of the baby blanket I am working on, I am still looking into non-profits that collect baby blankets for babies born into poverty here in the U.S. as I want to keep the blankets I am working on here the States, for the babies here. Its not their fault that they were born into poverty, and I want to help give them at least a warm start to life.

Far to often I have at least two projects in progress, because  I liking having more than one projects to work on so that if I get tired of looking at one, I can work on another one, then come back to the other. I also typically don’t have two of the same kind of projects in progress, such as two sweaters or two hats, or what not. The projects I have in the works have to be a different article of clothing/accessories again, so that when I get tired of looking at one project I have a different project to look at, and a different yarn to work with.

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