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Pattern Thursday

Hey Everyone!

In today’s post I am going to be sharing with you one of my favorite patterns.

This weeks pattern is the Waffled Baby Blanket. I have used this pattern to make several different baby blankets to date. It is super easy, and it is super easy to adjust or change to use thinner baby yarn and smaller knitting needles. I have taken this basic pattern and had added more stitches and then more sections for knitting it with three ply baby yarn on size 5 needles.

I used this pattern to knit baby blankets for two of my friends in the last year. One who had gotten a foster baby, and the other who had a baby this past January.

I like patterns that are simple enough that I can just put stitch markers, and knit away on while I watch TV, YouTube Videos or Hulu. This pattern is one of those that I can just sit there and work on without having to pay super close attention to while doing something else. I also like that it takes a bit of time to work on, but not super long with consistent work. As long as I don’t let it just sit, I can get these done fairly quick (like a week or two). The one I did for my friend who had gotten a foster baby only took me a week to complete, and I had made it 160 stitches wide by 210 rows long (as I had knit it with 3 ply baby yarn on size 5 needles).

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