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Tuesday Tips: Project Inspiration Websites

Hey Everyone!

This week on tip Tuesday, I will be sharing with you where I find some of my patterns for the projects I knit and create.

Ravelry: I learned about ravelry about two years ago, and have found several different patterns that I liked and that I use on a regular basis. While their pattern selections can be a bit limited at times, and I don’t always find what I am looking for, I like that they also have communities and groups that you can be a part of if you so choose.

Knitty: Knitty is an online knitting magazine that is made up of all free patterns (which is part of why I am drawn to their site). I was told about this site in the last few months by one of my former co-workers when we got talking about something, and I had brought up the subject that I couldn’t find a pattern I liked well enough for a particular yarn, and she recommended this site.

I have also found pins on pinterest that were easy enough for me to figure out that I could just knit from the picture I found and make projects without written patterns. For anything more than simple cables I typically need written and/or chart patterns, though I can do something just from looking at pictures.

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