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Celtic Knot Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I am currently working on a scarf using this pattern, I thought I would share it with you. I had come across this pattern a while back on ravelry, which was linked to the original poster’s blog. I had gone looking for this pattern last Friday night, when I was asked on my Instagram, if I had found it on Ravelry. I started out looking for it on ravelry, and could not find it. I then went looking for one of the pictures I had saved on my computer when I had found it. Fortunately I had saved the picture and backed it up on my external hard drive, otherwise it would have been lost to me, besides the hard copy I have, forever.

This pattern has been the basis for three scarves, the one I am currently working on, one I had knit for my mom a couple years ago for Christmas, and another one for myself

Even with the pattern dissected on the blog it took me a little bit to figure out, but once I did and practiced making this pattern, the easier it became, Now I just have to glance at my hard copy of the diagram where I have written in row numbers in the little boxes on the right side of the grid to remind myself what I need to do on that particular row, but I am having to do that less and less.

With this pattern, to turn it into a scarf, I have added garter stitch borders on the edges (between 3 and 5 stitches on each side is good) and on the projects where I wasn’t making an infinity scarf, I would knit a garter stitch row for every garter stitch I knit on each side, on the top and the bottom. So if I did 3 garter stitches on each side of the pattern, I would knit 3 garter stitch rows on the top and 3 rows on the bottom. In doing the Infinity Scarf I only did the side borders, as  I would be knitting the ends together, and to help keep continuity of the infinity I left the top and bottom garter stitch rows off.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, pattern ideas for future posts (I just need to be able to knit them without being completely lost) or comments, leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback and ideas!

2 thoughts on “Celtic Knot Pattern”

  1. I found this pattern also, in a stitch directory I have, and loved it. I never finished the scarf I started, though I had it in a deep blue that would have fit perfectly into the movie Brave! I keep trying to think of a way to use this pattern is something else, like a wall hanging. Hmm… Anyway, I’m interested to see your finished project!

    1. It would fit in perfectly in Brave! I will be sure to share my finished project when it’s done

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