Blog Changes

Hey Everyone!

Today is turning into the day of the Blog Post Onslaught. I will try to keep this post short because of that.

I have made a few changes to the order in which I will be posting particular blog posts during the week. I am moving the posts about what I am working on to the first part of the week, and then posting the tips and patterns posts at the end of the week/before the weekend. At this point I am leaving weekends free of scheduled/regular posts, though I may post something related to knitting if it happens or I come across it on a weekend, but that would be whenever it happens/I see it and want to share it.

Now that I have decided to do a post a week on a project for a good cause/charity, a post a week on a personal project, and then a quick post a week on the other projects I have going on, I didn’t like the idea of having days go by between projects, especially having a “what’s on the needles Wednesday” between a charity project post and a personal project post. For my own sanity and continuity I decided that the what’s on the needles post should come after I have highlighted two projects, so that I can talk about the projects I have going on in general terms while trying to keep some stuff “secret” for later in the week. I hate reading something and feel like I am missing something, and not be able to go back to earlier posts and find out what I missed sort of thing, so I refuse to do it to you, my readers.

I will still be posting a tips post, a pattern post, and posts about a charity projects and personal projects I am working on, just in a different order than what I had started. I like having regular posts going up on my blog, I feel more accomplished, and I like having topics for different days, so that I can get ideas during the week, and having something to actually write about rather than the “I should write a post on the blog, but I don’t know what I should write about” going on. Consistency is good for me, you and my blog.

If you have questions, comments, ideas or just want to leave me a quick note letting me know you like the direction I am taking my blog, leave me a comment below. I enjoy reading the comments people leave, and will reply to as many as I can!

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