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Knitting A Woolen Wrap

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my Personal Project post, on a new day of the week!

The Infinity Scarf I had talked about in recent posts I frogged, in part because it would take me a long time to finish it while trying to work on other projects for children in need, as well as the fact that I have buckets full of hand made scarves that I have made.

I have started a wrap with the yarn that I was using for the infinity scarf. I just pulled the scarf out, and I am reknitting the yarn. I came up with the idea of making a rectangular wrap with simpler cables because I have two triangle shawls and no rectangle warps yet. I am trying to build up my winter stock of warm wears. I wanted something that I can wrap around my shoulders that will keep my shoulders warm, but give me a better range of motion than a coat, and that is cuter than just a sweatshirt. I by no means am wanting to get into fashion, and be on the cutting edge of fashion, but I am tired of looking like a grubby college student how much of the time. I also really enjoy wearing my own creations, and getting feed back from people who see what I have made that I am wearing.

I know that in the past that I have talked about how much I like working with fishermen’s wool, so if you want to read more about why, click here. I live in a part of the country where there are quite a few crafts stores around town, that stock a lot of amazing yarns, and beings that we get plenty of rain, it creates the perfect culmination of elements for working on projects that help keep the wet cold from going straight to your bones. We get the damp cold with all the rain rather than having a dry cold.

For this wrap I am doing 5 braided cables, which are super simple and don’t require me to look at a pattern every odd numbered row.

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