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Whats On The Needles?

Hi Everyone!

In addition to the baby blanket and the wool wrap that I have in progress, and have talked about in my last two posts, I also have a dishcloth and a Knit for Kids sweater in the works.

The sweater has kind of just been sitting lately as I work on these other projects. I know I have talked about in the past that I can effectively only have 2 (not counting the purse project) knitting projects in the works, and if I have anymore (like the sweater) it just sits until I complete one of the other projects.

The dishcloth is technically my purse project, I spent some time working on it over the weekend, after I had bruised my tailbone (its still bruised but it is doing better), and it hurt too much to sit upright for more than 30 minutes. It was something that I could still work on while I was laying down. It was hard for me to just be laying there doing pretty much nothing for a few days, just because it hurt to much to sit.

I likely wouldn’t have started the wrap if I hadn’t needed to pull the second skein of Nature’s brown fishermen’s wool out of the bucket to finish the shawl I had been working on and finished. I then made a slouchy hat, and I am now just trying to get the skein used up, so that I don’t have to put it away. I don’t like having to make room for skeins that I have pulled out of somewhere. I also figure that if I can get this wrap done, I can wash the darker woolens that I have, especially the ones I used this past winter. I know I don’t have to wash them very often, I just want to wash them before I put them away for the season.

I also have several big skeins of 3 ply sport baby yarn that I want to get used up for baby blankets. I don’t want to have to buy more plastic tubs for storing the yarn. This is what I have going on right now.

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