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Knit for Kids Sweater Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to another Pattern Friday post!

This week’s pattern is the World Vision 10th anniversary Knit for Kids knit sweater pattern. This is an updated version of the original pattern I had been using when I had first started knitting sweaters. This pattern has a longer, narrower body, and longer sleeves.

I love having one of these sweaters in the works, as it gives me something to work on, that when I am done with it will then be sent to the distribution center and then be given to a child in need. I like that I have something to work on, but it won’t just be sitting around getting little to no use. It is for a good cause, and the sweaters will get worn.

I highly recommend getting involved with this project if you are looking for a charity knit or chrochet project (there is a crochet pattern on the website if you are interested). It is definitely worthwhile.

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