Charity Project Monday, Knitting

Taking a Short Break…

Hey Everyone!

Like the title mentioned, I am taking a short break, from my knitting projects for kids in need. I love these projects which is why I am taking a break from them. I have recently started to feel that burn out was coming, and to avoid that, I am taking some time to knit things for myself.

Knitting items for children in need has consumed my life, as I had thrown myself into these projects, for most of the last four years, and I just need some time to make some changes in my life, find a job, and knit some things for myself that I put on the back burner for the projects for kids in need.

Trust me when I say, that I am not going to quite knitting items for children in need, as that is where my heart is. I am just taking some time for myself, and to take care of some of my own needs, so I can bring my focus back to, and bring the passion/fire back to the projects I work on, and advocating these projects.

For the next few weeks I will for sure have up my Personal Project Tuesday posts, and my Pattern Friday Posts. There will still be posts for you all to read, and I will work to keep up my Thursday Tip posts, but I am not going to promise that there will be one every week.

For Further Discussion

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