Knitting Dishcloths and an Infinity Scarf

Hey Everyone!

This past week I have spent a fair amount of time knitting dishcloths to add to my stash. I have quite a few more skeins of kitchen cotton, that I am working on  getting knit up.

I have been working on these while I have been taking it easy with my bruised tailbone, and having to spend some time laying down. They are also easy projects that don’t take a lot of thinking or concentration.

I am also wanting to get more knit up, because I am looking for work, and I want to get as many of the skeins that I have knit up before I go back to work, so that they are done whenever I can move out.

I have also been working on using my wool stash. I finished knitting an infinity scarf last night, so I could wash it, block it (while it drys) and the sew the ends together.

For Further Discussion

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