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Single Cable Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Now that I have shared with you all the pattern for the Knit for Kids Sweater pattern, I though that a great way to follow that up would be to share with you a few of my favorite basic cable patterns.

This week, I am sharing with you the extremely basic single cable pattern, which I have also included spacing figures if you would like to use the pattern in a knit for kids sweater. Here several months ago I took the time and figured out the math for all the sizes to be able to have a reference for myself, for later when I wanted to use the pattern again. I am not a math person, so the idea of taking a bit of time to do all the math all at once, and then save it, and print it out, would save myself a headache in the long run.

I also included the figures for doing three cables up the front of a sweater, so if you would like to use that, it is available as well.

I get that there is math involved in knitting, and even though I don’t particularly like math, something about using it in knitting isn’t so bad.

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