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Falling Leaves Wrap (the Reknit)

Hey Everyone!

This past week I started (or restarted) a falling leaves wrap, that will be more a scarf when I am done. The Pattern was written for using a bit thicker yarn and bigger needles, but I really wanted to use a particular yarn, and if I used bigger needles, it would be too loose for my taste.

What I learned from the first few attempts was that this pattern requires my entire focus and concentration so that I don’t screw it up, It is going to take me a few weeks to complete, just because I can’t sit and watch a vlog or a tv show, and work on it. I have to give it my undivided attention.

The pattern build upon itself and repeats, so I have completed four chunks, or four sets of the pattern however you want to look at it, and the pattern is definitely visible, and looking good. I am also liking the fact that the yarn I bought and am using for this pattern actually looks good with the pattern being used.

I am looking forward to using it this next fall and winter, it will be a nice light weight scarf for a little bit of warmth to help take the edge off as the weather cools down, without being super warm like my nice fishermen’s wool scarves.

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