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This Week I am Knitting

Hey Everyone!

This week I am still working on the baby blanket, the size 6 knit for kids sweater, the falling leaves wrap, and the dish cloth. I have been making the most progress this week on the sweater and the wrap. I spent a good share of the weekend working on the sweater, and I am on the sleeves of the back. The baby blanket is just sitting as I have been focusing on the wrap and the sweater this week.

I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am getting a project close to being done, or get one going that is more complicated and seeing it grow. This falling leaves wrap I am proud of how far I have gotten and that I am getting the hang of the pattern. It is going to be really pretty when it is done. Perseverance is important in learning something new.

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things is important, and accomplishing difficult tasks is reassuring and builds on what you already know.

I am definitely making progress on my current knitting projects, and I love getting stuff done.

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