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Double Cable Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! It is time for another Pattern Friday Post!

This week is the second post in my basic cable series and I am sharing with you all the double cable pattern I have come up with. This pattern includes the basic double cable, and directions as for spacing to put it in a knit for kids sweater if you want to use it in that.

This was the second cable I learned after the basic single cable, and while this is not my favorite cable, it was definitely a spring board for me to learn other cable patterns. I had mastered the single cable, and I was feeling rather sure of myself with the whole cable thing, so I decided to try this one out on my own, without help and I succeeded. I had created a sample, and then wrote up the directions with is in the note on facebook that I linked above. Like I said this pattern was a spring board for me learning other more complicated cables, because once I had figured out this one on my own, my confidence grew and I wanted to try new cables, and just keep learning and adding to the patterns I knew how to do and could use in projects.


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