Knitting, Whats on the Needles Wednesday

Reasonable Work Load

Hey Everyone!

This week I am finally down to two regular projects (a personal and a charity project) and a purse project, as I took the blanket off the needles as I would not have had enough yarn to finish it without buying more, and I already have enough yarn as it is, so I just wound the yarn into a ball and I plan to use it for hats.

Being back to two main projects is much more reasonable. My Falling Leaves scarf is the project which is allowing me to challenge myself and learn more, while making something for myself. The knit for kids sweater I am working on gives me something to pick up and work on while I am sitting at the computer working on blog posts, or a vlog, or just watching vlogs.

As I make progress on my current projects I love being able to be as creative as I am, and would love to be able to do more, especially once I get my own place, with decorating and such.

For Further Discussion

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