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Try New Things

Hey Everyone!

This week’s Tip is: Don’t be afraid to try new things, and make mistakes while you are learning. When knitting (or crocheting, or learning anything for that matter), don’t be afraid to try a new pattern. Challenges help you learn, build your knowledge base, and your confidence in what your are doing. Yes there are times you will fail, but try it again, whether it is right away, a week later or a bit longer down the road, don’t give up on it. Keep trying until you get it.

For example, I am working on a leaf lace scarf, I am still very new to knitting lace, and the process daunts me. This project I have started, made mistakes, frogged, restarted, frogged, restarted, and done this process several times. I am slowly figuring out where I make mistakes, and fix them and keep going. Mistakes are part of learning new things.

2 thoughts on “Try New Things”

  1. Thanks. Needed to read this today… Made a mistake in my first sweater’s short-row sleeve cap seam. I was up to the challenge until that happened, as it is about the only part of the sweater I have no earthly idea how to fix. But now I’m reminded how much I can learn by figuring out the fix or starting the sleeve over!

    1. I am glad my post helped someone! Its ok to have to go back and fix something, or even start it over. It is frustrating but it is part of what we do.

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