Recreating from ideas found Online

Hey Everyone!

This week’s tip of the week, is recreate something you like. For example, you are making knit for kids sweaters and you see a color combination (design or pattern) you like, don’t be afraid to recreate that color combination in a sweater that you make. Most other knitters who knit items for kids in need share what we have completed to inspire others.

I can only speak for myself, but I also share my completed projects, for several reasons. 1. I share what I create in reciprocation to what others share, 2. There are not enough other “shared projects” coming up in my own searches on Google and pinterest, so it would be safe to assume that if I (who spends hours at a time searching) have a hard time finding inspiration online, how much harder would it be for someone who doesn’t have the same sweater knitting background I do. 3. I share what I create to give others ideas for sweaters.

Many projects I have found from doing searches online and then have gone on to recreate what I have found for myself or for sweaters for kids in need. Some people have a knack for putting color combinations together or using patterns to make the sweaters for kids interesting. I have found that the knitting/crocheting community is generally very willing to share and help others learn, and give others ideas, especially for projects that go to benefit those less fortunate than themselves.

For Further Discussion

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