Personal Project Tuesday

More than Halfway Done

Hey Everyone!

I am still working on the falling leaves wrap I started a few weeks ago. I have made quite a bit of progress though. I finally started on the second skein of yarn that I had bought. It has been a great learning project to work on, but like with anything I am ready to have it done.

While I am still working on it, I am planning on doing a tutorial/knit along video for at least a section, so I can show anyone who wants to see it, what goes into making something of this nature.

I am also excited to move on to other projects. I will wait until I have this project done before I add anything else to the mix. I have plenty to work on with this and a sweater.

Early on I loved to hate this project, but as I continued working on it, I have grown to love it. It has gotten easier to work on it. I figure why bother buying something like it or something similar when I can challenge myself and do it myself, for a fraction of the cost. I am totally one of those who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on something that I can make. About the only way I still justify buying a thin little beanie at Old Navy, is that it comes in handy as a wool hat liner – for an added layer of warmth and to keep the wool from getting too itchy.

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