I am on YouTube!

Hey Everyone!

This week, I want to talk a bit about how I am sharing or getting knitting out there. I love writing posts for my blog, and sharing pictures on my Facebook page as well as on ravelry. A couple of months ago a friend of mine and I were talking, and the subjects of vlogging and YouTube had come up, she was like “you should totally do that with knitting”. I had kind of brushed it off, and had kind of been toying of the idea of making videos and tutorials for my knitting channel. I can honestly say I have started making YouTube videos and tutorials on knitting for my channel.

I will be linking my YouTube channel here, for those who want to check out the videos I have made, and will be making.

I have some ideas for upcoming videos, but would love some input from you all as to, if there is something you have read about in the blog posts, or that I posted on Facebook and would like to see a video on, or would like to see a video on something (as long as I know how to make it/know about what you are talking about), let me know, and I will see what I can do to get a video made and up.

I am taking a bit of a break from What’s on the Needles Wednesday, as I am down to two main projects. I have a project for a child in need (charity project) and a personal project which I have written posts about on Monday and Tuesday, so there is not much more to write about on Wednesday for those two projects. So, I am taking the time I had spent writing about the additional projects I had going to focus on another aspect of knitting. This week it just happens to be about the fact that I am working on videos for my YouTube channel.

Those of you who regularly read my blog have been such a support and encouragement to me, for what I am doing. I don’t do this to be an attention seeker, but to bring awareness to the craft and to share how something as simple (to me anyway) can help children living in poverty.

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