Knitting, Personal Project Tuesday, Wraps/shawls

Seed Stitch Poncho

Hey Everyone!

I have been working on the poncho I wrote about last Wednesday. I restarted it twice. The first restart was because I am not using a pattern so I had cast on about twice as many stitches as I actually needed. The second restart was due to reverting back to the original stitch pattern I had begun on the original project, I had switched up the pattern on the first restart.

On the project I am working on I am using the seed stitch for a stitch pattern and I am going to make two panels and then link them together once I get both panels knit.

Growing up I never really had cute knitwear for the cold months so I am working on making my own knitwear now that I am an adult and know how to knit. I also love working with Fishermen’s Wool so it all works out.

I am also excited to see how this poncho turns out once I get it done.

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