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Knit Flat Finger-less Gloves!

Hey Everyone!

in the past few days I have been working really hard to get some finger-less gloves finished, using one of the skeins of yarn I had purchased at the craft store in my most recent craft store shopping trip/haul. Once I got the pair for the gift done, I had yarn left over, so I decided to see if I had enough to get another pair knit up for myself. I had just enough to make two full pairs of finger-less gloves.

The yarn I used was Patons Classic Wool Worsted yarn in Natural Mix. It comes in a 100 g/ 3.5 oz skein which contains approximately 192 m / 210 yds of 100% wool yarn to work with.

The pattern I used, was one I had come up with. I cast on 35 stitches, knit off the first row then I knit 8 rows of 1×1 ribbing before switching to stockinette stitch. I had also put cables in mine. I used the cast on edge as the bottom (or the highest part of my arm) and the cast off edge as the top (landing at my knuckles). I then did 30 rows of stockinette before finishing with 8 more rows of 1×1 ribbing.

For the Cables, on the right glove I started it in the left side of the front (so it was closer to the end of the knit row). How I did that was I knit over 17+4 then did the two purl stitches and knit six stitches, purled two more stitches and knit the last four. For the left glove I knit over 4 stitches, purled 2, knit 6, purled 2, knit 4+17. I did my cabling on the 5th row (of six in the pattern). for the right glove I held the stitches to the back when cabling, and for the right glove I held the stitches to the front.

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