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Season For Wool

Hey Everyone!

This past week I have been working on more Wool Winter Wear for myself, I have been using on the fishermen’s wool in Oatmeal that I have had for a bit. I have so far completed a pair of fingerless gloves, as well as a slouchy beanie, which I am kind of excited about. I will talk about why in a bit. I still have a fair amount left, which I am planning on using for a scarf and another pair of fingerless gloves.

I am super excited about the hat, because I figured out how to do the knit in the round crown decrease while knitting the hat flat, on straight needles. Yes I realize I rhymed in the last sentence….I like the way the decreasing looks on this this hat. Once I get my projects with this yarn completed, I will take a picture and post it to share with you all.

While I was at the mall with my mom, we were walking though JCPenney, and we were looking at the sweaters, I was more specifically looking at the patterns used in the different sweaters. I know that I only spent 5.5 months working at the studio, but between that and what I know how to do by hand, looking at other knit garments, hand knit or machine knit, to see how they are made. Knitwear, and to an extent fashion in general are definitely things I am interested in. I know I definitely have more of a casual/country style. Until recently I wasn’t really into fashion, but it has been growing on me.

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