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Happy Knits

Hey Everyone!

Today, I stopped in at a little yarn store here in Portland, Oregon called Happy Knits, it is located at 1620 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Today’s trip in was I want to say my third trip in to the store. I had gone for a knit night, and another time where I picked up some needles and wool wash. Today I was wanting some yarn.

I started out looking at sock yarn (which didn’t last long as I had bought some less expensive sock yarn earlier in the day to use for learning to knit up socks), so I started looking around at their other yarn, and found some really pretty alpaca/merino blend yarn that would make a beautiful scarf. I am just trying to decide what pattern I am going to use when knitting it up, while finishing up a couple other projects.

The staff has always been really nice and helpful. The young woman who rang up my purchase even wound the yarn up for me from the hank of yarn.

The store itself is light, roomy, airy, it isn’t too cramped. It is totally meant to spend some time in. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who is in the Portland area who is looking for a nice little, local yarn shop where they can get lost for an hour or so.

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