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Yarn Shopping at Local Yarn Stores

Hey Everyone! 

I have started visiting local craft stores here in Portland, because Portland has a lot of amazing small locally owned yarn stores. 

I am starting to work on more amazing winter accessories, as  this past winter was such a let down for the opportunities to wear hats, gloves and scarves. 

I don’t know how much longer I will be living in Portland, so I am trying to make what time I am living here in Portland count as far as yarn shopping goes. I have no idea when I will more or where I will move to, but I know that Portland is not some place I am going to be staying. So yeah, until I find a better job and move I am taking advantage of having all the locally owned craft stores. I am trying to support my local economy, which happens to have a better selection of yarns for personally projects than The big box craft stores. 

Today I bought two hanks of Blue Face Leicester wool that is from England, as well as a hank of Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn because I am going to learn how to knit socks. I am saving the sock yarn I bought today until I have done at least one pair with the less expensive sock yarn I bought yesterday at Joann’s. 

I really got into buying yarn and knitting my own winter accessories after having spent like $12 or $13 on a thin little hat at old navy that did not do the job I needed it to. I was like this is crazy, so I starting looking around and buying better quality yarn and knitting my own hats and scarves. Why buy something when I can make something of better quality for less money. There is the time output factor, but beings that I love knitting there is no point in wasting my money on something that is of inferior quality to what I can make. 

Portland has a lot of locally owned and run yarn stores which makes it amazing for someone like me. I probably spend more money on yarn that I should, but when you have a hobby you absolutely love within reason spending the money is just worth it. I am not saying to blow your rent or utility bill money on your hobby, but not spending money someplace else and/or putting money aside for your gobbet is a different story. 

Now I am trying to reorganize my wool stash buckets to try to make more room, but really I think that I just need another couple. I like keeping my wool hats and scarves in 15 quart tubs just so I don’t have to pull everything out of a bigger tub is what I want is on the bottom. I only have to pull a few things out. It will help me keep stuff organized. I could use an extra one for just wool hats, and then one to put the socks I knit as well as fingerless gloves in. 

I love yarn shopping, and telling me to stop is the same as telling a painter to stop painting or telling Hanz Zimmer or James Horner to stop composing film scores. 

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