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It’s About Time…

…That I invested in a yarn ball winder. Every serious knitter should have one. I have been knitting for seventeen years, and only this past weekend invested in purchasing one for myself. We had them at the knitting studio I worked at about 15 months ago, and that was the first time I had ever actually used one.

I had spend a fair amount of time this weekend winding up yarn into balls that will be easier to knit from and use up. The whole reason I bought it in the first place was because I had bought a couple hanks of yarn, and did not have the option to have it wound up for me, so I needed to wind it for myself, hence I needed the yarn winder. That was the first yarn I got wound up, and then wound up some other yarn I have had sitting around so that it will be easier to use in future projects.

I know that now that I have a yarn ball winder, I will be using it a lot more in the future when I use enough of a skein of yarn that it becomes too loose that it will just be a mess if I don’t do anything with it. having a ball winder will help keep my yarn from being a rats nest that is next to unusable without a lot of time spent to getting knots out.

I had gone to a craft store that has some yarn but is primarily a sewer’s paradise and that is what it stocks, all kinds of fabric and notions and everything related to sewing. I was just thinking that they may have something do to the volume of stuff that they carry. Though I noticed that their yarn and knitting selection was noticeably smaller this time than it was the last time I was there.