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I am Left Handed But…

I am left handed but I learned how to knit right handed from the beginning. I have never knit left handed, I have always knit right handed. Beings that it was what I learned from the beginning, and I learned how to knit at the age of 10 and never knew anything different I figure I will keep knitting right handed.

Beings that I was born and raised in the era I was born and raised in, being left handed has really never been a big deal for me. It never affected my schooling or any other aspect of my life. I grew up knowing that 9 times out of 10 I was the only lefty in my class or among people I knew, and when it was mentioned I was always like “yeah, And?” or “Your point is?” so for me it has been really no different than someone having blue eyes and I have green or someone having brown hair and I have blonde. I am different that my left hand is my dominant hand, but I don’t see it as being any different as the difference in hair, eye or skin color.

When i learned how to knit, at the age of 10, my grandmother who was right handed taught me, so she taught me the way that she knew which was the right handed way. That is the way I learned, and that is the only way I know how to knit. While I know that there is left handed knitting and continental knitting out there, I have been able to adapt to being able to knit as right handed people knit, and for me it is normal. Studies have shown that lefties tend to be more creative, better at multitasking, and are more likely to be geniuses. The creative and multitasking parts I know are true for myself, and the creative part definitely comes out in my knitting. Even though I knit like a righty I more than make up for it in creativity.

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