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Knitting Socks!

Hey Everyone!

I am in the process of knitting my first sock. I am pretty proud of myself right now. I am also learning how to knit in the round with double pointed needles while I am at it. I figure I might as well go all in if I am going to do it. 

I tried knitting socks once before and gave up at picking up the gusset after turning the heel. This time I kept at it and finally got it, and now I am knitting the foot part of the sock. Once I finish this sock I will knit its mate, which should be easier beings that I have gotten the hang of it with this first one. 

I was ready to learn how to knit socks. My mom asked me “why would you want to knit socks when you can buy socks at the store that are already made?” My response was pretty much something between “why not?” And “because I can”. I am of the mind that why should I buy something when I can make it for myself. I am not saying I won’t ever buy more socks, I am just saying that now that I l ow how to make them, I can make myself boot socks and socks that are loos enough that I can layer over the thin little ones I buy at the store. 

Knitting is one of the things I am very passionate about. I keep expanding on my skills as I get comfortable with the last thing I learned. 

Knitting is something that has come easily to me, I don’t why but it has. It took me until after I was done with college to really  dive in, and have it take off but it has and I love it. If I am sitting I am at a loss and feel like something is missing if I am not knitting.   

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