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First Fall Sweater

Hey Evetyone!

I finally got the size 8 sweater that I had been working on here lately finished up. I completed it here this past Monday. I meant to blog about it yesterday, but here I am, getting to it on Wednesday night. Better late than never right?

  For this sweater I used all red heart super saver yarn. The brown is called Coffee, the Orange is Carrot, the Green is Tea Leaf and the yellow is Gold. I pretty well used up the coffee, though I have plenty of the other three colors left that I will be using in another sweater. 
Getting knitting projects is more difficult beings that I am working. This year I will be doing good to get 6 or 7 sweaters done. There was one year when I didn’t have a full time job that I had completed like 17 sweaters. The way I see it is that even 6 or 7 sweaters means that 6 or 7 kids will be kept warm. 

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