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2015 Knit For Kids Sweaters

Hi Everybody!

I am finally getting around to writing this post!

2015 was a busy year for me, outside of knitting. I only completed 4 sweaters in 2015. 2015 was also the first full year of work I have had since I graduated from university in 2010. That in itself was a big deal for me. That being said knitting and sweaters had to take a back burner last year. 

That being said I have also been working on other projects and I could only do so much. 

I know 4 is better than 0, and I know I can only do so much when working a full time just that isn’t knitting related. I am not one who gives up on something they love, and knitting sweaters for kids in need is something I love. 

These are the sweaters I completed last year.    

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Finished my second pair of socks. 

Hey Everyone!

By the time I completed the second sock in the most recent pair I knit up, it was time for bed.   

The yarn I used was from a skein I had ordered from a yarn store in Virginia – skeincocaine on Instagram. Each Thursday and Friday they put yarn up for auction on Instagram and that is the yarn I saw and liked, so I got it. I don’t remember the brand, only that it is 100% super wash merino wool. 

This pair of socks is the second pair I have made, and it is the third and fourth projects I have made using double point needles and knitting in the round. I wanted to learn how to knit in the round so I taught myself and I figured socks would be a good project to do to learn how to knit in the round. 

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Pattern Binder

Hi Everyone!

I finally got around to putting my patterns in sheet protectors in a binder rather than taping them into a spiral notebook. This way the sheets won’t be getting crumpled or ripped out. They are also now a lot more organized.  

 All of this pattern organization came out of the fact that there was a scarf I had seen in the yarn store on Thursday when I was yarn shopping with my mom. They didn’t have the pattern in stock there in the store, so I had to get it off Ravelry. I got the pattern today and was like “I should really organize my patterns better” so I did. I also found a few more patterns o Ravelry that I liked and downloaded. 

I have a stash of yarn that I have been letting sit for a while as I knew I wanted to use them, I just didn’t have a pattern I liked to use with them. I am still getting used to knitting projects for myself since I spent so many years only knitting sweaters and hats for kids in need. 

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Christmas and Birthday Yarn Haul

Hi Everyone!

There is only about a week between Christmas and My Birthday, I had the opportunity to do some yarn shopping for more expensive yarn to use in projects for myself.

For Christmas I bought myself two skeins of Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Natural. For my birthday I bought myself 4 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather. I also bought two hanks of Sweet Georgia Yarns super wash DK in Salt Water. While at my favorite yarn store my mom bought me two hanks of The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering Yarn in Dragon Fruit.  

This past year I have been seriously stocking up on yarns to use on projects for myself. Beings that it has been Christmas and my birthday I have been spoiling myself. While there is still a huge part of me that is very much outdoorsy, go for a hike, needing functional cold weather knits, there is also a part of me that is wanting more delicate pretty (while still functional) lady like knits. I alway love being able to tell people that I made what I was wearing. Part of that pride is also having quality yarns to work with. 

 I love yarn shopping,  getting creative and finding inspiration for new projects. Beings that I am hoping to move somewhere that at least has colder winters, if not a cooler climate. With that, everything I make for myself will come in extremely useful.