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When Knitting is what you do

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend I finished up the falling leaves wrap I had been working on for a while. I had used Patons Lace yarn in teal.   

 I know I have been asked why I knit for myself and how am I going to wear it all. I am knitting every I can, as I am wanting to move somewhere with real winters. I also like pretty hand knit garments. 

About a month ago I had gone yarn shopping for my birthday and I had picked up a couple of different types of yarn, one of which I had also purchased a pattern that I wanted to use the pink yarn for. Beings that I had finished my falling leaves wrap I finally am able to start using my birthday yarn. When I was starting the scarf I had to restart it several times to get the pattern going right.  

For this scarf I am using the Fibre Company Canopy Fingering yarn in Dragonfruit 

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