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Spring yarn shopping

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday!

Today I had gone out and about, which included yarn shopping, it just happened that way. I had gone to my favorite yarn store – happy knits, as well as Yarnia. 

At happy knits I bought more canopy fingering yarn by the fiber company.  In this really pretty sea blue (official color name: tanager). I plan to make a second Petit Pont scarf (pattern by: The Irish Girlies)

 I also bought some lace yarn, which is made of 100% baby merino wool. Brand: Malabrigo, color: Tuareg. I am not sure about what I am going to use it for yet.  

I ended up at Yarnia which isn’t super far from Happy Knits where I bought a ten ounce merino cone of pale purple and grey to make a shawl out of. I being in Yarnia around all the cones of yarn reminded me of when I worked at the studio, and being around all the cones of Cashmere.  

 I hate a lot in the way of natural colors, blues and pinks, but I really don’t have much on purple or grey and the two together went together so well. I am planning on making a shawl with some of it. 

I have a lot of winter garments, and have plans (and yarn) for a few more, but I am trying to add some lighter weight stuff for when the weather is a bit warmer but still want a little something. 

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