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Always Wash Dyed Wool Before Wearing

Hey Everyone! 

Today I learned a very important lesson today, and I learned it without doing it the hard way, and without ruining any of my clothes. 

Today I learned that you should always wash dyed wool before you wear it. 

How did I learn this lesson you may ask, well I will tell you.

I had knit up an eyelet scarf with my birthday yarn, so today I decided I would get it washed (which I like to do anyway with wool) and then blocked, so I had taken it down to the wash basin in the laundry room and took my Wrapture wool wash with me, and I went to squeeze it out before rinsing the Wrapture out, and out came this pinkish liquid. I was like “dude! What on earth? Oh the dye bled. At least I am washing it by itself and before I wore it. Dodged a bullet there”. 

Yeah, so the dyes can bleed or have so much excess dye still dried in the wool that you don’t notice it, but once it is wet, look out. It can, would, could and will stain clothes and potentially rub off on your nice clothes. 

And hand wash the wool in a bucket or washtub gently. 

So glad I learned that lesson before I ruined my good clothes. 

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